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Spotter, Prespray & Bonnet Cleaner
Product #138
Hot Spot is the result of new surfactant and emulsion technology which couples highly effective detergents and natural solvents. Hot Spot's combination of detergents and emulsified natural solvents effectively removes most types of petroleum-based soils, oily foods, animal matter, proteins, starches and sugars, eliminating the need for multiple-product applications for different types of soils. Full strength or diluted 1:1, Hot Spot is an effective spotter or carpet pre-spray. When diluted 13 oz. per gallon of water, Hot Spot is effective as a bonnet-buffing solution even on heavily soiled carpets. When used in a routine bonnet-buffing program, Hot Spot removes stains and soil from heavy traffic areas keeping carpets clean and bright, reducing the need for full scale extraction cleaning or shampooing procedures. Hot Spot is non-toxic, non-corrosive and is biodegradable.

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