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Low Foam, Safety Degreaser
Product #150
Although effective, highly alkaline, corrosive degreasers present safety issues that are becoming of increasing concern to industrial hygienists responsible for employee safety, and the maintenance personnel that use them. Grease Cutter offers a safer, yet effective alternative for cleaning and degreasing the stubborn protein based soils, commonly encountered in meat and food processing facilities, commercial kitchens, and food storage areas. Formulated with water-miscible solvents and powerful detergents, Grease Cutter will readily dissolve animal fats, fish slime, meat residues, blood, oils and other protein-based and hard to remove soils. Grease Cutter's moderate foaming action effectively suspends soils, yet allows its use in autoscrubbers or pressure washers without overflowing recovery tanks or generating excess foam. Non-corrosive and biodegradable Grease Cutter provides the aggressive cleaning power needed in commercial food handling facilities, without the potential for chemical burns and related health considerations associated with highly alkaline degreasers. Grease Cutter may be used on all metal, concrete, ceramic tile, stone, formica, rubber, and painted surfaces.
Concentrated Foaming Degreaser
Professional Strength Spray Cleaner