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Multi-Bacteria Enzymatic Waste Digester
Product #810
This environmentally-safe biochemical treatment contains selected non-pathogenic bacterial strains which, when used in a consistent maintenance program, effectively metabolize grease, fats, oils, proteins, starches, cellulose, and detergents in grease traps, drains, sewer lines, and even dumpsters. The billions of bacteria present in each quart of Scoot produce specific enzymes that degrade organic waste, neutralize odors, lower biological and chemical oxygen demand, and suspended solids levels. Containing no acids, caustics, or solvents this product can be safely used around the metal, ceramic, and plastic components of sanitary systems in commercial, industrial and office buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, food and meat preparation facilities, and municipal, residential, and agricultural waste treatment plants.
Flora Mist
Odor Counteractant/Deodorizer