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Draught Beer Line & Equipment Cleaner
Product #AC1019
Introducing a breakthrough in beer line cleaning technology, Power Punch 22 is designed with safety and efficiency in mind.  Power Punch 22 is formulated with minimal caustics to reduce the chances of chemical burns to the person cleaning the lines, as well as the beer drinker. Containing a bright flourescent green food grade dye, it's easy to tell when Power Punch 22 is in the lines and when the lines are rinsed clean.
In addition, old-fashioned caustic formulations used in the beer line cleaning trade have proven not to be completely effective.  High levels of caustic can actually inhibit detergents ability to penetrate beer stone build-up.
Power Punch 22 is formulated to allow all the active ingredients to work in synergy.  The result is an extremely effective cleaner without the less effective and potentially harmful levels of concentrated caustics. The reduction in alkaline salts, combined with the gentler detergents of Power Punch 22 helps to protect your draught beer equipment.
Low Temperature Cleaner Degreaser