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               Accu-Measure/Easy Mix Concentrates

Easy Mix 1000, Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner

Easy Mix 1005, Synthetic Neutral Cleaner

Easy Mix 1006, Neutral pH General Purpose Cleaner

Easy Mix 1010, All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser

Easy Mix 1015, Heavy Duty Degreaser

Easy Mix 1025, Odor

Easy Mix 1030, Restroom Maintainer

Easy Mix 1035, Floor Cleaner/High Speed Maintainer

Easy Mix 1040 Geo-Foam, Environmentally Friendly,
Foaming Restroom Cleaner
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Dilution Control Products
Dilution Control Products
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Regardless of your situation, we have a delivery system for the Easy Mix maintenance chemical line that makes good sense! Whether it's limited access to water, restricted chemical storage space, confusion about the right dilution ratio, concerns about wasting cleaning products or cost effectiveness that complicates you purchasing decisions, we can help you solve your dilution dilemma.
The truth about
Dilution Control Systems
Technical Bulletin

TaskMizer Dual Select with Gun
For the ultimate dilution system, step up to the Easy Mix Dilution Control System. Through strategic placement you can ensure that your workers can get the properly diluted material in ready-to-use quarts, mop buckets and autoscrubbers. The Easy Mix Dilution Control System is easy-to-use and provides cost saving consistent product dilution every time.