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Reduce the risk of slip and fall

Designed for use in restaurants, health care facilities, restrooms, schools, and other public places.

Unlike old fashioned floor care products, Traction Team reduces your slip and fall liability exposure while maintaining a high quality floor appearance.

Helps meet the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

No harmful chemicals; does not etch floors.
No additional labor; simply replace your current floor maintenance product with one of our Traction Team products.

               The Traction Team

Instant Traction  NEW!

Aurora - Slip Resistant, Gloss Restoring Cleaner  NEW!

Balance - Slip Resistant, Gloss Enhancer/Finish Hardener

Stand-Up - Slip Resistant Floor Maintainer

Traction Clean - Slip Resistant Cleaner/Degreaser

Cutting Edge - High Gloss, High Durability Floor Finish

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Slip Resistance Products
Slip Resistance Products
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Slip and Fall Liability Concerns