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Specification Sheet
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Urethane Fortified,
UHS Finish, 19% solids
Fast Acting, Emulsifying Stripper
Product #117
Brut is an aggressive floor finish re-emulsifier and extra heavy duty stripper. Designed for use in heavy build-up areas that have been hardened by high-speed burnishing, Brut can be used with either machine scrubbing, or mop on, vacuum off, techniques. Brut quickly and effectively penetrates and liquifies multiple coats of burnished finish from vinyl, vinyl composition, linoleum, rubber, cork, marble, ceramic, quarry tile and concrete. Brut is the ideal product for the removal of acrylic and urethane containing water-based seals. Brut is also an extremely effective degreaser for removing heavy protein soils, fat, and petroleum-based oils and grease from any flooring surface.
Super Concentrated,
Neutral pH Cleaner