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Extended Durability, High Gloss Finish/Sealer, 22% Solids
Product #30
Advances in acrylic, urethane, and cross-linking systems chemistry, has made this revolutionary floor finish possible. One try will easily convince the most discriminating floor care professional of the unparalleled performance of Cutting Edge. Durability is unrivaled due to Cutting Edge's harder, energy-dissipating matrix. When high-speed burnished, Cutting Edge exhibits levels of gloss 30-40% higher than conventional high-gloss floor finishes. With surface hardness 80-100% higher than previously attainable levels, resistance to traffic wear, scuffing, and black heel marks has been dramatically increased. Cutting Edge produces superlative results on all types of resilient tile, vinyl composition, terrazzo, ceramic tile and sealed wood.
Slip Resistant,
Gloss Restoring Cleaner
No-Rinse, Emulsifying Stripper