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Water-Based Dust Mop Treatment
Product #135
Aqua Treat is a special water-based formulation for treating dust mops and cloths. Unlike oil-based treatments which can leave a film and cause separation, mottling, or adhesion problems with many floor coatings, Aqua Treat is 100% compatible with all modern floor-finishing materials including acrylics, metal-interlock finishes, and water and solvent-based wood and concrete floor finishes. With appropriate application, Aqua Treat will quickly penetrate dust mops and cloths, providing extended dust-and-dirt retention capabilities. Aqua Treat and soils can be easily removed from dry mops and cloths simply by washing with detergent and water. Aqua Treat may be safely used on asphalt, vinyl, asbestos, linoleum, terrazzo, marble, ceramic tile, sealed wood and concrete floors. Aqua Treat is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and biodegradable.
Super Concentrated
Neutral pH Cleaner
Extended Durability, High Gloss Finish/Sealer, 22% Soilds